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Technical Specs

  Desktop PC Workstations
Minimum Recommendations:
  • Personal Computers
    • Specifications
      • Intel Pentium-5 dual core, 2 GB RAM, 300 MB free disk space
    • Monitors
      • Premium (1 required for the person responsible for entering the condition book)
        • Dual wide-screen monitors (1600x900 resolution) or a single monitor of at least 23” wide (1600x900)
      • Standard
        • Single monitor of at least 21” wide (1600x900)
    • Browsers
      • Internet Explorer for all Race Track Operations software functions
      • Google Chrome for the new Condition Book Matrix product
    • We support Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
    • We do NOT support the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Printers (1 in Racing, 1 in HB Office)
    • 2 network-connected laser printers
    • Avoid Hewlett Packard HB4 and HP5 family of printers
  • Internet Connectivity
    • High-speed business-class internet connection
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Current anti-virus software (such as McAfee or Norton)

All workstations should be updated with the latest operational and security patches from the Microsoft Windows Update website, and should be scanned and verified as free from worms or viruses. Virus software should be updated on a regular basis with the latest vendor releases.

Please use the following instructions to locate and access Internet Explorer on Windows 10.

  • From bottom left corner of your screen, in the Search Box type: internet explorer
  • When Internet Explorer is located, Right Click and choose to Pin to Taskbar for easy future access.

Users must change settings in Internet Explorer, as follows:
In Internet Explorer, Alt-T to get to the Tools menu:

  • Select Internet Options - A pop-up window with several tabs will be displayed. 
  • On the General tab, under the section titled Temporary Internet files, click on the Settings button, then select Every visit to the page, and click OK.
  • On the Security tab, click on the green checkmark for Trusted Sites, then click on the Sites button. Add https://rto.incompasssolutions.com as a trusted site, and click Close, then OK.
  • From the Tools menu, click on Compatibility View Settings, add rto.incompasssolutions.com, click Close.
  • From the Tools menu, allow Pop-ups from our site if you have Pop-up Blocker enabled.

Recommended: Hewlett-Packard HP LaserJet P4015tn Printer

Postscript Print Drivers

Most Microsoft Windows-compatible laser printers will work just fine, with the exception of Hewlett-Packard HP4 and HP5 series printers.

  Networking and System Security
Any standard network configuration which will allow users to access the Internet should be acceptable (including the Internet Connection Sharing feature available through the Windows operating system).  Because any computer which connects to the Internet can become vulnerable, we strongly recommend the use of a firewall to protect your technology assets.  RTO is designed to utilize standard Internet protocols, which means no special rules or exceptions must be made in your firewall in order to use the system.
  Special note about Internet Connection Sharing (ICS):  Because of the increased demand on the workstation which handles Internet traffic in an ICS set-up, that machine should be equipped with CPU, RAM and hard disk resources sufficient to ensure smooth operation of all connections.  We will be happy to provide additional information about that type of configuration upon request.

  Internet Connectivity
Recommended: Business class high speed internet access.

  The RTO system is designed for use by any PC able to access the Internet.  Experience has shown us, however, that connections which provide minimum upload and download speeds of at least 256k work better.  If multiple users will be accessing RTO at the same time, or if the connection will be shared with other Internet traffic such as Web browsing, e-mail or file downloads, more bandwidth may be required.  Higher speed connections typically offer the best performance, and are recommended for most customers.  In areas where these technologies are not offered, our staff can review locally available options and assist you in finding the best alternative.  We can not guarantee system performance or response time via dial-up modem or satellite.


Network Architecture

Technical Support email: techsupport@incompass-solutions.com
Technical Support line: 1-800-625-4664

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